Day 38 Lake City to Jacksonville

The excitement is rising as we get closer to the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the cold morning and long ride ahead of us we are on our bikes ready to go 10 minutes before our scheduled departure.

We rode together as a pack for most of the day…….Kim, Paul, Arlene, John, Debbie, Dan, Kris, Robin, David, Kate with Anthony joining us for part of the day. It is an ideal day for a long ride; abundant sunshine, flat terrain, no wind. cool temperatures, light traffic.

After leaving a quiet Lake City we headed northeast through farmlands where we saw, cattle, chickens, dairy cows, cotton fields and butternut squash being harvested for Thanksgiving. We then cycled through a large state forest that was teeming with hunters perched on the backs of their pickup trucks waiting to bag a deer being flushed out by dogs. They did not seem to appreciate our lively “good morning”‘s as we rode past.

We had a few challenges with todays route when twice the road we were traveling turned to sand and gravel and we were forced to find another route without the help of google maps. Both times we were helped by very friendly locals….a blacksmith whose pickup truck advertised his expertise at horseshoeing and a gun carrying agriculture inspector named Cookie.

The only blemish on the day was when some teenagers in a pickup truck through a beer bottle at me (they missed)….I guess they thought that was funny.

After 92 miles we arrived at our destination…..Jacksonville. Another personal best for Robin Jaye. Enticed by the thought of recording another century ride, Kris and I rode an additional 8 miles missing the beer, ice cream and Krystal sliders feast that followed the end of the ride.

For dinner we drove to downtown Jacksonville and met Kim & Arlene’s Mother (Joan) and Joan’s boyfriend (Art) and Aunt (Marylou) who flew in to celebrate their accomplishment.

Only 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean!!!!!

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5 Responses to Day 38 Lake City to Jacksonville

  1. Darlene McLaren says:

    We are excited for all of you!!!
    And I am really happy for Joan, Art and Marilu to be there. (Now I am really jealous— )
    Congratulations on a wonderful ride.


    Love Darlene

  2. Sue Rushmore says:

    Wow – 30 miles to go! What an accomplishment!

    Mike’s last day was today – rotten timing on our part! Want to do it again next year?! 🙂 Or is it like having a baby – I should wait a few months before I ask that question and you won’t remember the pain, only the joy!

    Have a great final day! Can’t wait to hear all the details live.


  3. Kathy Smith says:

    Though here at journey’s end I lie
    In darkness buried deep,
    Beyond all towers strong and high,
    Beyond all mountains steep,
    Above all shadows rides the Sun
    And Stars for ever dwell:
    I will not say the Day is done,
    Nor bid the Stars farewell.

    — J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings)

  4. Kathy Smith says:

    Here’s a story about a Florida Truck Dealer offering free assault rifles with purchase:

    Dealership: Buy Truck, Get Free AK-47 – WKMG Orlando”
    The link:

    From California to Florida — you have seen it all.

  5. marilou duke says:

    This is insane, but I am nostalgic over the fact that our ride and blogs ended at Amelia! Especially after meeting the whole team and sharing the end fun, I will actually miss all that daily sharing. Sooooo great to meet each of you. I get what a great time you had together over all those miles and days. So that ride is ended, but the friendship is not! How good is that! Dan and Chris, thanks so much for sharing your special Jason with me. I think you are brilliant parents! Robin, remember to research what happens to the maximum heart rate after such a ride? (And let me know) Debbie, I’ll love to hear where opportunity takes the “feminist” (Don’t forget to tell your sister how much I enjoyed her literary input.) Kate, I am sure I will know you now, in whatever context we meet up again, and I do hope there is another one sometime! David, bonn voyage on the next adventure. Kim and Paul, what sweethearts to get up at 5:30 to haul me to the hotel! Love you guys! Keep me posted on the house hunting. (Give me courage! ) And John and Arlene, how can I thank for for including me in this stimulating group and stimulating experience! Thank you, thank you! It was life enhancing! To you all, lots of love, Marilou

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